Frequently Asked Questions

What if I (a brand) want to work with an influencer who isn’t on Brandasaur?

No problem! If you set up a campaign and collaboration, add their email to the influencers you want to reach out to. They will receive an invite to both your collaboration and to Brandasaur to their email account. Once they set up a profile, your invitation will be ready and waiting for them.

Wait! My influencer account can’t set up a collaboration!

That’s right. Only brands can send collaborations. They hold the marketing plan for their brand, so they are best positioned to seek out influencers to work with to meet their business goals. As an Influencer, you may “Pitch” a Brand. If the Brand is interested, they are able to turn your Pitch into a Collaboration with the click of a button.

What can I (an influencer) do to be attractive to brands?

So glad you asked! We recommend starting here: *link to blog post.

On the brand side, I see campaigns and collaborations? What comes first?

A collaboration is part of a campaign. The influencers only sees collaborations that they have with brands and brands see their overall campaigns and the various collaborations they have tied to that campaign. For example, say a clothing company wants to do some influencer marketing for their Spring 2018 line. They’d create a Spring 2018 campaign and would seek out a number of influencers for collaborations under that campaign.

How do influencers get paid?

All payments are processed through PayPal. Once a brand and influencer agree on the terms of a collaboration, the brand will receive a PayPal Invoice to fund the collaboration. Brandasaur will hold the influencer's payment until all agreed upon posts have been approved by the brand. The collaboration must be completed within 30 days.

How do I fund my collaboration?

The Brand will receive an invoice once the Brand and Influencer have agreed upon the terms of their collaboration.

What are the fees on my invoice?

When brands receive the invoice, they’ll see an Influencer Fee and a Brandasaur Fee. The Influencer Fee is the portion that pays the influencer for the work completed and the Brandasaur Fee is the portion that goes to Brandasaur for facilitating your collaboration.

The Brandasaur Fee

We will be donating 90 percent of our profits to rotating charities and community organizations that are near and dear to our hearts - and we hope our customers’ hearts as well.

When do I (an influencer) get paid?

Once the brand approves your posts, Brandasaur will automatically release your payment. A collaboration must be completed within 30 days of its funding.